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Acne bites.

Acne blows.

Acne sucks.

Let me not keep my feelings in here. I’ve hated acne since that very first little zit showed up on chin when I was twelve, and it’s been a solid, red hate since then.

I mean, there you go, a pretty girl with nearly flawless skin, strutting around making all the girls without flawless skin jealous (we’re terrible when it comes to comparisons, or did you guess?) and up pops this zit that screams out at the world “Oily skinned bitch here!”


Acne is the enemy. Acne must die a terrible, painful death. We must all do our part in wiping out zits, blackheads, white heads, in-growns, blemishes, red volcanic inflamed pimples from hell, so that we, the silky lotus flowers of the world, can continue to strut without worry of what the other bitch thinks.

Luckily, there’s science and technology to come to the rescue. That rocks! I mean, finally all the chemicals and solutions and testing and mixing have come together to bring us….

wait for it….

Rodan + Fields.

The creators of Proactiv have a line of skin care that’s really something to stand back and give praise about. The UNBLEMISH line of products is actually a regimen that this chichibeauty has come to love. Although I’m usually a Murad girl, especially at great prices, I can honestly say that I’m impressed.

The Unblemish Regimen has to be my favorite. A full line of products, this package includes:

  • acne medicated cleanser
  • facial toner
  • acne medicated lotion

That should be used together to get the best effect.

So now I can be the perfect chichibeauty, and kiss my rumblepup, without any sicko zits. Of course, I’ll go out and show all the other girls my cool, smooth skin, just to be the A Numero Uno BIATCH in my hood, but that’s another topic.