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Hi, I’m back. Aren’t you glad you waited? This time let’s get honest about a woman’s lips. A woman’s lips are a beautiful thing. They come in all shapes and sizes from thin to Angelina- pouty (hate the perfect bitch goddess). But that’s okay, I guess…I’m getting over the Angelina thing, I promise….now we girls can change or should I say enhance our lips with all kinds of stuff, lip injections, lip serums ( I tried one once, the lip serum that is, I looked like I had a permanent pucker for a week!) But in all honesty, me being the natural girl that I am and wanting to enhance that natural goddess-like beauty I possess, I choose to enhance my in-between thin and somewhat pouty lower lip with the more conventional products. Don’t get me wrong ladies, these two products are up their in their own class.

Like most goddesses, I am a M.A.C. lipstick and Lustreglass (M.A.C.’s more sophisticated alternative to simple chunky, sticky lip gloss) devotee. Even on those days when I can’t bear to wear makeup (a rare day for me), I must leave the house with two things: My M.A.C. lipstick in Viva Glam V and then at night I top it off with a light coat of M.A.C. Lustreglass Lip gloss in Pinkarat. These two products rock, let’s face it, they’re neutral shades that every gloriously gifted color of skin woman can wear and wear them well. The Viva Glam V is a really sweet pink, subtle yet makes a statement. No, it’s not that tacky shit pink that only really pale women can wear. The Lustreglass lip gloss in Pinkarat gives you sheen and a sophisticated pearlized finish perfect for those club lights that shine on your face as you rock the night away!

I have to tell you that besides being absolutely flattering to every woman’s color palette, I am in love with the Viva Glam V also because every cent, yes every cent raised by purchasing this $14.00 tube of lipstick goes straight to support the fight against HIV/AIDS. Spread the love my friends, but spread it wisely.