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OK, not that I would be caught dead wearing these, but if I had the body I use to (hubby rumblepup swears that I do) then I’d definitely get get out the plastic on these tiny things. I think they’re racy in all the right ways, but not for everyone.

itzy bitzy bikini

Satin Sheer | Hipster Satin Sheer

Lordy but they are small, and see through, but heck, a girl can feel sexy in them. So this is a little naughty post from me, s’okay, I’m feeling naughty today. Check them out.


So you guys know that the chichi is all about all thing beauteous, including my favorite beauty products and beauty supplies, but one of my favorite places on the web to look at things we don’t ever think about until it’s too late has come to mind lately. Our backyard has certainly developed over that past year, and I’ve always wanted a kind of Eastern, Moroccan, Indian mix to get away from everything.

Well, a little San Tropez thrown in as well.

So one of the things I noticed that was missing was an awesome patio umbrella. I mean, you just don’t think about it until it comes up. I’ve know about Cushions And Umbrellas for some time, really loving the outdoor fabrics, and I’ve even put them in my favorites link. Now I’m really taking a look at their offerings, and I’m truly astounded.

They feature things like Dual Wind Vents, when everybody else sells dinky Single Wind Vents. What’s a Wind Vent? Well, it’s the opening at the top of the umbrella where wind and heat pass through, so your umbrella doesn’t fly off, or become an oven under the sun. Nobody else sells that. And cushions! They feature fantastic sunbrella cushions in wonderful colors that help you create any kind of outdoor look you want. What’s Sunbrella? Well, Sunbrella fabric is a 100% solution dyed acrylic which is perfect for outdoor and marine use. It’s soft to the touch and water resistant. Really water resistant. I recently spilled a little of water on a friends cushion, and it just beaded and rolled off. Yeeeee! (Thank God, almost had to run out of her house because of the embarrassment) How do I know all this? Well, for one thing, the site is full of fantastic information, and you really get a sense that they love what they do.

Why do I keep asking these third person questions? Because it’s fun.

Shopping there makes me happy. Take your time though. From what I understand, there overhauling their inventory within even more beauteous things, so shop, find out what you want, and when your ready, buy it up chicas!

Yes, it’s true. Chichibeauty has been know to take a chocolate bath from time to time. The theory is, chocolate, when eaten, causes your body to produce the same endorphins as when your in love. That’s why there are so many chocolate fiends out there. But the problem is you need a shower when you finish a chocolate bath, and if your not careful, the chocolate gets into all these crazy places.

But I just tried the Chocolate Bath Bomb, and I’ve got to say, booya. Ok wait. BOOYA!

I loved it. It has a fizzing action that release soothing cocoa butter and all natural cocoa into the bath. At $15 a bomb, you’ve got to try this out.

Hey Chica’s! Sorry I’ve been away so long, but I’m here to give you guys the scoop on what has to be the best sales on the net, BAR NONE!

My favorite store in the world is having a massive sale on:

Cellex-C – 15% OFF

GoSmile – 20% OFF

Kinerase – 20% OFF

Peter Thomas Roth – 20% OFF

Janson Beckett – 20% OFF

June Jacobs – 20% OFF

MD Skincare – 20% OFF

Atopalm – 15% OFF

and what is probably the most impressive sale of all, Natura Bisse, one of the most exclusive and expensive brands in the skin care industry, is on a special 15% OFF Sale. Now I can get my favorite, Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Anti-Aging Cream! I know that rumblepup will get it for me. ;P

Equally surprising is the sale on ultra exclusive Z.Bigatti Skin Care, 10% OFF! Chica’s, these products are NEVER discounted!

And here it is, HOLD THE PHONE! One of the hottest skin care lines of last year, Dr. Brandt, released a special KIT, for both Poreless and Lineless lines. Well, to top off their BADASS SALE, has come out swinging with something special for everyone.

The Dr. Brandt Lineless Essentials Kit, which normally sells for 65.00, is on sale for 32.00!

Add to that the Dr. Brandt Poreless Essentials Kit, for 30.00, when it normally sells for 55-58.00 anywhere else, and you’ve got a special skincare offering that just doesn’t come along every day.

I know I’ve harped on and on about them again and again and again, but it’s sales like these that make’s my absolute favorite, and why I hate

Bring out the Plastic!

Hi, I’m back. Aren’t you glad you waited? This time let’s get honest about a woman’s lips. A woman’s lips are a beautiful thing. They come in all shapes and sizes from thin to Angelina- pouty (hate the perfect bitch goddess). But that’s okay, I guess…I’m getting over the Angelina thing, I promise….now we girls can change or should I say enhance our lips with all kinds of stuff, lip injections, lip serums ( I tried one once, the lip serum that is, I looked like I had a permanent pucker for a week!) But in all honesty, me being the natural girl that I am and wanting to enhance that natural goddess-like beauty I possess, I choose to enhance my in-between thin and somewhat pouty lower lip with the more conventional products. Don’t get me wrong ladies, these two products are up their in their own class.

Like most goddesses, I am a M.A.C. lipstick and Lustreglass (M.A.C.’s more sophisticated alternative to simple chunky, sticky lip gloss) devotee. Even on those days when I can’t bear to wear makeup (a rare day for me), I must leave the house with two things: My M.A.C. lipstick in Viva Glam V and then at night I top it off with a light coat of M.A.C. Lustreglass Lip gloss in Pinkarat. These two products rock, let’s face it, they’re neutral shades that every gloriously gifted color of skin woman can wear and wear them well. The Viva Glam V is a really sweet pink, subtle yet makes a statement. No, it’s not that tacky shit pink that only really pale women can wear. The Lustreglass lip gloss in Pinkarat gives you sheen and a sophisticated pearlized finish perfect for those club lights that shine on your face as you rock the night away!

I have to tell you that besides being absolutely flattering to every woman’s color palette, I am in love with the Viva Glam V also because every cent, yes every cent raised by purchasing this $14.00 tube of lipstick goes straight to support the fight against HIV/AIDS. Spread the love my friends, but spread it wisely.

Acne bites.

Acne blows.

Acne sucks.

Let me not keep my feelings in here. I’ve hated acne since that very first little zit showed up on chin when I was twelve, and it’s been a solid, red hate since then.

I mean, there you go, a pretty girl with nearly flawless skin, strutting around making all the girls without flawless skin jealous (we’re terrible when it comes to comparisons, or did you guess?) and up pops this zit that screams out at the world “Oily skinned bitch here!”


Acne is the enemy. Acne must die a terrible, painful death. We must all do our part in wiping out zits, blackheads, white heads, in-growns, blemishes, red volcanic inflamed pimples from hell, so that we, the silky lotus flowers of the world, can continue to strut without worry of what the other bitch thinks.

Luckily, there’s science and technology to come to the rescue. That rocks! I mean, finally all the chemicals and solutions and testing and mixing have come together to bring us….

wait for it….

Rodan + Fields.

The creators of Proactiv have a line of skin care that’s really something to stand back and give praise about. The UNBLEMISH line of products is actually a regimen that this chichibeauty has come to love. Although I’m usually a Murad girl, especially at great prices, I can honestly say that I’m impressed.

The Unblemish Regimen has to be my favorite. A full line of products, this package includes:

  • acne medicated cleanser
  • facial toner
  • acne medicated lotion

That should be used together to get the best effect.

So now I can be the perfect chichibeauty, and kiss my rumblepup, without any sicko zits. Of course, I’ll go out and show all the other girls my cool, smooth skin, just to be the A Numero Uno BIATCH in my hood, but that’s another topic.

It’s been so long since I’ve hit the blog, that I think I’ve forgotten how to write. But just like riding a bike, here I go, rolling down hill at full speed, not knowing where the breaks are.

My husband, and number one fan, gave me what I suspect must be the holy grail of girly gifts. I hate surprises. Well, that’s not true. I love surprises, just hate waiting for them when I know a surprise is coming. And Mr. Rumblepup sure knows how to keep me in suspense.

How did I find out I was getting a surprise girly gift? Well, when rumblepup is sleeping, in his cute, teddy bear like way, I like messing with he head.

I start asking him questions like “Do you love me?” and of course he answers “Yes”. Or I’ll ask him “Am I sexy?” and of course he answers “Yes baby. Your sexy. hubba hubba.” Whatever. It really is the cutest thing. Oooh we chics are evil.

But one night, while he’s purring away, I ask my typical mess with his head question.

“How much do you love me?”, giggling to myself, wondering what’s going to be his answer from his blissfully sleep state. He says “I love you so much, I’ve got a gift for you……snooooore” and then he completely passes out.

DAMN!!! He’s got a gift for me? I mean, hubby rumblepup always has gifts for me, but I’m a girly girl princes, goddamit! I want to know what my gift is!

So the next morning, I planned on being real subtle about it and giving him the ol one, two chicki poo, and get him to give up the ghost, but I can’t resist and go full on baby girl on her birthday on him. Sorry my fellow professional ladies, but I couldn’t resist.

“What are you getting me? What are you getting me? What are you getting me? What are you getting me? ” I squeal with delight. (Yes, I’m ashamed that I gave him the whole show, but FTS!)

“Whositwhatsisnow?” He says while he does a classic Scooby barroo.

“You said you where getting me a gift?” I say with the girly girl eyes.

“Uhm, uh, did I say that?” he replies.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” I tell him, thoroughly disgusted at his complete lack of understanding about girls and gifts.

“What is it?” I ask again, this time stomping my foot and biting my lower lip, giving him the “You can’t resist this shiznit” look.

But I married Mr. rumblepup for his brains and character, as well as his looks. And that’s where my plan backfired. He can actually think when he’s hot as a steam pipe, and doesn’t want to give his little surprise away.

“Millions of girls want it, but very few get it” is all he would say, giving me a hint that amounted to a pile of toilet paper.


Ah, but the day came when he came home with a cute little white package. I opened the box to see the world famous logo and a beautiful No5 on the label. Suffice to say, Mr. rumblepup got some kudos, and other stuff. 😉

Chanel has been a staple of incredible fashion and design. Literally, Coco Chanel invented 20th century womens fashion, and carried that innovation over into everything else she does.

But there is one innovation where she stood out. She created a fragrance that has to be the most alluring and luxurious the world has seen. Just the name Chanel No5 evokes a sense of drama and history. It made me blush when I first saw that little white bottle.

Chanel No5 100ml

So, being the shrewed shopper that I am, I went out and looked me up some Chanel Products.

In no uncertain terms, one of my favorite online stores,, has the best Chanel Fragrance prices around. And, being very up to date on product offering, the have a full line of Chanel Perfumes , Chanel Colognes , and has just introduced a line of Chanel Body Care , Chanel Body Wash, and Chanel Moisturizers to complement the line.

For Chanel Dresses, some of the best places for pricing would be Saks, Macy’s, & Neiman Marcus.