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Over at the Banler Blog, I read an awesome spotlight on Kim Vo, whom I affectionately call a Celebrity Color Guru.  Starting out as a painter, Kim has moved on to become a world class hair stylist and colorist.

He’s just come out with his own line of hair care products, and it’s definetly something I’m going to check out.

Here are some of his tips from an interview he did in Allure in August.


*Vo has celebrity clients that bounce from color to color until hair starts to break off.  “Starting with strong hair is my first rule,” he says.  But he’s got 4 more:

  • Go Low – “Hair color fades faster in the summer, so I do half lowlights and half highlights to make sure it keeps tis dimension.  For blonds, mix in some caramel shades; for brunettes, try chestnut hues.”
  • Learn the Lingo – “When conveying how thich you want your highlights, avoid subjective words like ‘natural’ or ‘bold.’  I like pasta analogies-truly.  My New York clients like highlights the width of angel-hair, my L.A. clients like spaghetti, and my Vegas clients like lasagna.  Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of fettuccine highlights around the part.”
  • Take Cover – “I actually like facial sunscreen sprays for hair- they won’t weigh hair down.”
  • Get to the Root – “If you need to touch up your roots, buy a hair color in your natural shade – not your highligted color- and smudge it on the roots for 30 seconds.  This will take the dullness off of the regrowth.”

I’m really excited about his new line of products. I mean, we are talking about the Shear Genius guy here.