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Hubby gave me this beautiful Shit Zu puppy, all white and black and rambunctious, that we’ve called  Maxine.  As soon as I can get some pix up I will.  She is the cutest little thing and very much a prissy girl like here momma.  Total diva in training.  So I decided to do that diligent mommy thing and find her the very best diva doggy stuff I can find.  Let me tell you, I think I’m having as much fun shopping for this little girl as I would shopping for myself.  Anywho, off to PetSmart I go.  There are a ton of really great stuff there, but I decide that maybe I want to do a little more shopping online.  Lo and behold, your shopping diva finds great pet supplies at ProperPet.  What a great selection!  Easy to navigate and really fast!

Puppy Collars

Pink Puppy Collar for my Diva in training

Puppy Play along plush toy

Plush Play along Toy

(check out the sounds it makes)

I particularly love the selection of puppy collars and these beautiful plush toys like the play along puppets from digger.  A really fantastic selection at a great price.

Well chickas, the rumblepup will just love this little spat of spending.   I’m off to do more doggy shopping.


OMG! Sometimes, you find something that is so cute you just drive yourself crazy when you see it. I mean, there are puppys, kittens, babies, that you just can’t resists touching them or hugging them or…buying them!

So you can imagine my total shockatude and aaaaa…atude, when I found the Wee Ninja.

wee ninja

Happens to be one of my favorite things in the world right now! You can head on over to MyPlasticHeart and pick one out.